Xtabentun, the pleasure of eating as a family

Serendipity; coming across something pleasant simply by chance. The word is often used in the art world or in the field of science, but it is the first word that came to mind when describing one of my favourite spots of Oasis, the restaurant Xtabentun at Oasis Palm.

Runaway to Oasis

Beautiful hotels and turquoise blue waters aren’t the only characteristics that distinguish Cancun from other popular destinations. With so many hotels, competition in Cancun is fierce. Every day the different hotels offer new services to attract potential guests. However...

Don’t wander aimlessly, come and find an Oasis

Since time immemorial man has had dreams and not just the kind we have when we sleep but those of our wishes and desires; dreams of understanding and getting to grips with the world around us. One of humanities biggest dreams is to fly, to take to the skies and to tackle the...

A very Kinky Captain…

Upon arrival at the dock where Captain Hook is berthed the mood is one of calm and expectation. The coach that picked us up at the Grand Oasis Sens has dropped us of in the beautiful surroundings of the Oasis Palm, where Nichupté lagoon meets the Caribbean Sea.

Say “I do” to a beach wedding

Being a paradisiacal destination, Cancun is the perfect place to have a beach wedding, as beauty and romanticism are always present.