Olympic Games

Bringing out the best in us The Olympic Games are, among many other things, a declaration of unity between people and places. They bring out the best in us both as athletes and spectators; our competitive spirit, fair play, and a chance to show the best version of ourselves in...

5 Cancun nightclubs you don’t want to miss

Cancun nightlife is legendary; from top to bottom this is a party city. Nowhere is this more evident than the party centre of Cancun’s hotel zone; a cluster of bars, restaurants and nightclubs that are open till sunrise. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable night of partying...

Cancun True or False Game

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20 activities to do on your vacations

Our region is filled with natural beauty and fun for all visitors; discover this for yourself with these 20 fantastic activities to do when on vacation with us.

10 things to do at Oasis

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6 Mexican dishes to delight your taste buds

“What should I have to eat?” is the question we ask ourselves when we are presented with a menu, this dilemma becomes even more difficult when abroad and we see a list of things we have never heard of. Not wanting you to miss out on some fantastic fare for not knowing what it is,...

It’s time to go on vacation!

Summer is on its way, the favourite time of year to take a break, and if it includes being close to the beach then all the better. And let’s face it; there are fewer beaches more breathtaking than those in the Mexican Caribbean. Still not convinced? Let us see what your heart and...

Which Oasis hotel are you?

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Your quick guide to planning your trip to Cancun

                  So your flights are booked, your hotel reservation has been made (with us we hope!), and you can’t wait to show off your newly bought swimwear, but wait, have you got the right currency? Will your phone charger work...

5 fantastic things to do in the Mexican Caribbean

While our hotels offer all the amenities needed to have a fun-filled holiday, it is well worth getting to know our beautiful surroundings and what makes this part of the world so attractive to millions of visitors each year. So here we have compiled for you five exciting things...