The hotel group Oasis Hotels & Resorts, with more than thirty years of experience in the Mexican Caribbean, has always trusted in Cancun, in its natural beauty, and in the area attractions, by investing on hotel infrastructure and innovating with high-quality products, which...


At Oasis Hotels & Resorts the unique constant characteristic is change and innovation. We make it our priority to always offer you the ultimate quality, service and to surprise you with Oasis Experiences. We are proud to invite you to indulge in our new concept EAT, PLAY...

5 foods to try in Cancun

  Quintana Roo the state that Cancun is located in and Cancun itself are less than 50 years old. Before 1974 the area of Quintana Roo was part of Yucatan state and so Cancun’s cuisine is heavily influenced by its neighbours. The roots and language of Yucatecan cooking date...

Temazcal, a pre-Hispanic treatment for mind, body and soul

  Temazcal (TEMAZCALLI; word of Nahuatl origin: ‘TEMAZ’ means steam and ‘CALLI’ means house) is a sauna treatment of pre-Hispanic origin which has gained popularity in recent years for its numerable health benefits. It is a physical, mental and spiritual experience where the...

10 places to visit in Cancun and its surrounding areas

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ElectrOasis Latin Beach Festival

This month the ‘Entertainment Resort’ Grand Oasis Cancun hosts the 4th edition of its ElectrOasis Latin Beach festival, bringing some of the biggest names in Electro Latino music to our Beach Club and Arena. This year’s festival runs from 24 June to 22 July with...

Coffee & Me, a coffee lover’s dream

For many people their day only truly begins after a morning coffee; waking up to that rich, enveloping aroma puts one in a good mood, ready to start the day the right way.   

Grand Oasis Tulum a paradise in the land of the Mayans

There are few places that dazzle with their beauty and tranquillity like the Grand Oasis Tulum; calm and comfort oozes from its walls as soon as you arrive.

Oasis Jazz U Festival

  This month the Grand Oasis Cancun plays host to the 6th edition of the Oasis Jazz U festival and it’s another fantastic line-up of international artists. This edition focuses on smooth jazz and runs from the 18th to the 27th May.

Cinco de Mayo

Contrary to popular belief by many abroad, cinco de mayo (May 5th) is not Mexico’s day of independence but rather the day commemorating the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla on 5th May 1862. Mexico’s Independence Day is 16th September and unlike this...